Technical Support

After Sales Support is our No1 Priority

Through our technical support services and teams, we offer to our customers technological and operational resources to ensure that all our products are installed and used in the best possible way to resolve particular customer specifications and requirements.

A team of highly qualified professionals take care of planning and subsequently implementing solution, including defining the requirements, project specifications, site survey, co-ordinating the resources involved, etc. The project management phase starts with defining the project objectives and specifications, and is supported by technical analysis, collaboration with the customer and a visit to the installation site. Once the application specifications have been defined, the project feasibility phase can commence. By using highly modern tools, Ultrand’s project engineers study the best solution that responds to the targets of the specific application.

The design of the solution consists in:

  • Solution description – detailed description of the proposed solution
  • Device description – detailed description of each device
  • Bill of Material – complete list of accessories and components
  • Drawings – electronic and mechanical designs of each customised part
  • Special Application Sofwtare (i.e. data format customisation)

Our after sales support team is ready to assist you quickly in case of problem, drop of performance or change in your system, This is guarantee by phone, remote assistance or onsite interventions.

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