In-Counter Scanner/Scales

The Magellan brand of high performance bar code scanners and scanner/scales are world renowned for their unstoppable performance and extreme reliability. Scan after scan, these powerhouses are truly the hardest working scanners in retail.


 - Magellan 2300HS

Magellan 2300HS

Single Plane, Laser
 - Magellan 3300HSi

Magellan 3300HSi

Single Plane, Imager


 - Magellan 8300

Magellan 8300

Bioptic, Laser
 - Magellan 8400

Magellan 8400

Bioptic, Laser
 - Magellan 8500Xt

Magellan 8500Xt

Bioptic, Laser


 - Magellan 9800i

Magellan 9800i

Multi-Plane Imaging